About Mary’s Mountain Cookies Belton

How did Mary’s Mountain cookies Belton come about?

My name is Ronda Callison and I am the proud owner of Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Belton, Missouri. I previously worked in the Mary’s Mountain Cookies franchise in Loveland, Colorado and fell in love with Mary’s business model and her product. My brother and I “cooked up” the idea to open a Mary’s Mountain cookies when he came to visit me in Colorado. I took him to the Mary’s Mountain Cookies store in Loveland.  After trying the cookies, he just had to send some to his coworkers back in Kansas City and they loved them as much as he did. He said he knew of a bakery on Main Street that had been empty for years.  He told me to look into the franchise and he would look into buying the building in Belton. Next thing I knew, I was on the phone with him telling me that I had a decision to make. He had bought the building and wanted me to put a Mary’s Mountain Cookies store in it!

When I checked into becoming a franchise owner, I met the founder Mary Johns. What a wonderful experience to know and work with her. I had decided that I was going to take the plunge and open a Mary’s Mountain Cookies. I am so happy and proud to be involved in a franchise with such integrity and that gives the gift of love through cookies.

Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Belton offers fresh-made dough, baked cookies, ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, shakes and edible cookie dough. We also offer friendly smiles and a warm environment where you can soak up the delightful tastes, smells and quality time with friends and family.